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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mommy's Social Scene and the Activity Mat

This past week has been a pretty great one at our house.  Joe is starting to become more alert and awake during the day.  We also made it 4 1/2 hours one night of  uninterrupted sleep!  Joseph really likes his activity mat as well.  He loves to lay down on it and kick his legs, swing his arms, and look around.  Plus, I highly recommend it.  It has all of the colors that research says is great for babies and he loves to look at the (semi obnoxious) light up, sound, bug thingy that hangs down.  The other GREAT thing about it is how you can get it out of the way so quick.  It literally folds and we slide it around the room or under the crib.  It also is not just geared (as far as colors etc...) for a boy, so if we have another child we can use it if the baby is a girl.  Here is a link to it for any moms to be.

It is even dog friendly!  Trigger loves to relax on the activity mat.

This week also was the first time since I was put on bed rest that I got to enjoy a real night out on the town with friends.  Friday I went to a Royal Wedding Viewing at a friend's house, and Saturday night I hit the town with some friends of ours to go to The Demun Oyster Bar.  It felt great to get out of the House and be with adults.  Plus the grandparents love the time with Joseph.  I am going to make it a definite point to try to get out at least once every weekend, or 3 weekend nights a month, and do something non-kid related.  I already received an email asking if Mike and I wanted to get out this Saturday night...don't mind if we do!  We get to go out with a few friends again and I am soooo looking forward to it. 
Week 5 is leaving me feeling more relaxed and a teensy bit more energized.........BUT the dreaded week 6 is on the way and this when babies reach their crying peaks (or so the experts say).  Stay tuned!

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