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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The hardest week yet............

This has been the hardest week I think yet.  We have had some 12 hour blasts of no sleeping, and some 1 1/2 to 2 hour times in between feedings.  I have received a lot of advice, some conflicting, and have tried to implement some of the changes.  A successful suggestion was to change the sound machine I have.  I registered for one that had music and nature sounds.  I also was given a sound machine at a shower that had music and white noise on it.  Well I have ditched the one I registered for and gone ahead and switched to the White Noise sound machine.  I believe it is working better and my pediatrician confirmed that thought for me when he stated he used the "white noise" sound machines for his kids.  Check that off the list as a successful change. 
Another suggestion that was given to me was to swaddle him with his arms in.  Joseph LOVES his arms and hands!!!  He HATES to have them swaddled while he is awake, but that is changing this evening.  Starting tonight I am going to take another piece of advice and begin swaddling his arms as well.  I also am heading to a store called Cotton Babies tonight to grab some specific swaddle blankets by "aden and anais" that have been suggested to me as great for babies that are growing! 
This week we also have been to see the doctor twice, and I had to get over that embarrassment and just accept that it is their job to help.  Last week it was for tummy gas, and today was for them to make sure he was "medically" okay and this wasn't something other than being an infant.  The GREAT news is that we also just went ahead and did his 1 month checkup today instead of Monday.  He is in the 75% for weight, height and head circumference.  He is already 10lbs 13oz.  He definitely is a healthy, growing big guy! 
A fun change that happened is he now really seems to know that his legs, arms, and hands are attached to his body.  He is loving his activity mat and kicking and waving his arms.  He also has started some great little "ahh" sounds and cooing noises. 

 On Friday he will celebrate two milestones-his 1 month birthday and The Royal Wedding!  What a bloody great day it will be!

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