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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Birth Story and weeks 1 & 2

Writing for me has never been a huge outlet.  However lately I have been feeling I don't have anything that is mine, so I thought about starting a new project.  I had my job, but I have been off since March 7th, and an active social life, but that had to stop because of bed rest.  So today I decided it may be a good idea to write about my new baby and being a new mom.  I feel as though I am going through this blind and maybe other new moms, and experienced moms can relate to what I go through this first year.  I also feel like this could be a great way to get advice and have other moms let me know hints, tips and tricks.  Since Joseph and I are heading into week 3, I figured my first post could be more of a catch up of what has been happening so far.

The Birth Story-Joseph's due date was April 4th, however he arrived March 29th.  I was admitted to the hospital March 28th and given Cervadil.  This medication ripens and softens the cervix to get it ready for birth and is followed by being induced.  When I arrived I was 2 cm dilated, 50% effaced, and his head was at -3.  Within an hour of the Cervadil I was 3 cm dilated.  I was given an Epidural because I felt a lot of strange pains which were contractions.  I tried to go as long as I could, but maybe subconsciously II knew something was wrong.  At around 4am the contractions were coming back to back and my blood pressure was skyrocketing.  After intense monitoring, Joseph's heart rate began to drop as well.  The doctor was able to get that under control, but then my blood pressure dropped to 69/41, and the decision to do an emergency c-section was made.  After the operation we found out that our baby was truly a miracle!  His cord had a slip knot in it, resembling a pretzel, and every time he moved into the birth canal it tightened and straightened.  If we had done a vaginal birth he probably wouldn't have made it, and we wouldn't have our beautiful baby boy. 

My first look at Joseph Mario with his Dad.
Week 1-  This first week took place in the hospital for 5 days, and at home for 2.  The hospital experience was pretty easy and nice.  I had many visitors and a lot of help and advice from the nursing staff.  I even gave in to the professional photographers that came by and took pictures!  I began breastfeeding right away and he took to it pretty well.  The lactation consult was extremely helpful and visited twice.  I cried when we took him home and was very emotional.  I kept asking myself could I do this?  Was I ready to be a mom?  What if I messed up?  Am I really prepared?  Did I read enough information?  Did I ask the right questions?  I still ask myself questions such as those every day, but I have began to accept that I can do this, and I will make mistakes. 
Week 2- Week 2 brought on sleepless nights, breast feeding all the time, trying to do a schedule (ha!) and a family tragedy like none other.  My last living grandparent fell down our stairs while visiting Joseph.  She was brain dead and died at the hospital.  I never thought I would be attending a wake and a funeral his 2nd week of life.  I was extremely close to my grandma and talked with her at least once a week on the phone and saw her several times a month.  On the positive side she spent an amazing hour with him and right before it happened a beautiful picture was taken of the two of them.  I would post that picture but I have not had the courage to look at it yet.  When I can I will post it. 

So I promise to not make all posts this long and winded, but like I said I figured I would do some catch  up.  Next week will be all about week 3.  Also if anyone has any advice on beginning to introduce a bottle and pumping, I would GREATLY appreciate it!!!

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  1. Gen-

    please call me! I can help you with all of this---been there done that! I had a c-section, postpartum, the nursing issue, etc. Just call me whenever you want---ask away! I will FB you my numbers. Hang in there!