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Saturday, September 10, 2011

5 months is Rockin'!

Hand over the milk and no one gets hurt!! (Daddy's badge and hat)

These past few weeks have been great with Baby Joe.  He has made some major developmental milestones, and also we are getting in to the swing of solid foods.  I decided after much thought to go ahead and make my own baby food.  A good friend of mine is a working mom and she does it and convinced me it won't take too much time.  Well, after I bought the Beaba Babycook, I realized she was right.  Beaba Babycook
All I do is spend about an hour (if it's meats, because you have to precook) or less (if its veggies because it will steam and cook them for you) on Sunday and I have my food.  I also bought some GREAT trays to store the foods in and they just freeze overnight and pop out.
I then put them in a freezer bag and date and I have his food for a month (meats) and 3months (veggies).  So far I have made turkey, chicken, sweet potatoes, and peas.  My next item will be butternut squash and maybe green beans.  He REALLY likes his foods.  The only thing I am struggling with is a schedule.  I do have his 6 month visit coming up so I am going to make sure what I am doing is ok.  As my doctor said at our 4 months, "Gen, you can't screw this up."  I figure I am doing ok and will ask at the next visit.

Developmental Milestones- My big guys is having a blast rolling over.  I think his favorite game is "Let's Roll Over".  For directions, just look at the title of the game and BINGO, you can play!  I am also so excited to report that yesterday I had Joe on the floor sitting up between my legs and he sat up and reached for toys unassisted!!!!!  I literally started scooting back and he was SITTING UP!!!!!  WOOOHOOO!!!  I have to admit I was terrified I was going to miss that one by being at if we can get through him walking at home and not while I am at work, I will be set!  Looking forward to 6 months!!!  We are also getting our first professional family portraits done in October.  I am really excited.  Meanwhile, enjoy these pics taken by Grandpa Mike.  Not bad!!!