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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Working and Crying and Smiling Oh My!

My little guy and I had a week filled with highs and lows for week 3.  For starters on the LOW side, daddy went back to work.  This is really hard on me.  I think mainly because of his job in law enforcement he does 2 weeks of days and then 2 weeks of nights.  We have made it through 4 days of him back to work but it is tough!  I think because I feel like I am so alone, especially at night.  I also have had a few times where Joe decides to either cry or ONLY sleep if he is held and that has been quite tricky to be able to maneuver (especially if you need to go to the bathroom, but I figured out a way). 
Another LOW has been the fussiness.  It can really frustrate a person.  He is fussy at different times and it seems he is only fussy around us.  When the grandparents are there to help, or my 2 sisters, he is PERFECT.  I struggle with how to get through those times, but I just take deep breaths.  Any other suggestions mommies???? 
Finally the last LOW is the crib issue.  Joe will fall asleep in someones arms, in a swing, in a vibrating bassinet, and while feeding.  However, the second I put him in his crib 8 out of 10 times he is up and crying.  Any advice????

On a more attractive note, the umbilical cord fell off this week!!  Yeah, no more nasty black thing in the way.  I was also lucky to have it fall off with Mike, and he was able to retrieve it so we didn't have an unwelcome surprise later. 
Another HIGH this week was SMILING!!!!!!!!!!!  Yes, the little guy is smiling!!!  I have gotten him to smile twice with responding to me, but the other times he smiles mostly while he is feeding.  All the books that I am reading say these are true smiles and not gas.  Also he is experimenting with when to smile.  I LOVE it when he is smiling and alert.  He also has been focusing more this week and that is exciting.  He really likes to stare at his mommy and daddy. 

My last HIGH is how well my two dogs are doing with our little guy.  Trigger is 80lbs and Sadie is 60lbs.  They both have been great with Joe and are very content with him.  Trigger does what I call a "perimeter patrol" around the nursery.  He has different sniff checkpoints.  Sadie is not quite as smart as Trigger so it actually took her a week to figure out we even had a baby in the home.  Her favorite thing to do is sniff Joe with her cold, wet nose.  I am hoping things stay this way and there is never an issue. 

Questions for the week are embedded in the above paragraphs...feel free to comment, or offer any advice.  One question I do have concerns the emotions and crying...If anyone is brave enough to tell me how long does this last???  I have a couple of crying spells a day.
Have a great week........

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  1. CALL ME! I left you a message after we were playing phone tag! I can give you ideas for all of the above! I have experience with the postpartum, and fussiness----what are you eating? The sleeping issue---if you do not get him to fall asleep on his own in his crib you will be going to visit Nancy Birkenmeier at the St. Luke's sleep center like we and many other first timers do! It is better to break him now at 3 weeks than 1 year, or 2! TRUST ME! We have been there twice and one of those issues was due to the fact that Maddi had reflux so we held her upright after her night bottles so she got used to us putting her to bed that way. Big NO! Please call me, the c-section itself is very draining! HUGS!!!