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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dude, I have fingers and I can make noises....

My mommy FINALLY caught my smile on camera!  More to come I am sure.........
This week my little guy figured out he has some pretty awesome fingers.  He has been jammin' those little suckers in his mouth whenever he can.  Research says to not worry about it at this point.  Babies suck on their fingers to help them self soothe at this age.  In fact, you don't have to worry about it until quite a few months down the road.  He gets very excited when he connects with his fingers and his eyes get extremely big. 
He also has been making a ton of cooing and ahhing noises.  He loves to lay in his crib and look up, kick around, say "ahhh" and coo.  It is getting a lot more fun for me and Mike as he is now responding to us and interacting with us.  This little guy also gave us 2 nights in a row of 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep!!!  WOO HOO!!!!  Unfortunately one of those nights was NOT the night mommy and daddy went out with friends and sat on the Beer Garden.  Oh well........we are totally in love with him anyway.
Finally this week I was able to celebrate my very first Mother's Day.  It was really a great day and I am so lucky and blessed to have Joseph in my life.  I know I will make a lot of mistakes but hopefully I will turn out have as GREAT and FABULOUS as my own mother. 

Questions for the week:
How do you know when he can ride in the stroller without the infant seat?  (I have a GRACO METROLITE and a BOB REVOLUTION JOGGER)
How long do you let your baby play in between feedings and naps so he/she doesn't get too overstimulated?

I am going to call this his "pensive" look!

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