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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Yum Yum 4 Months!

Picture A

Picture B

This week Joe turned 4 months old.  The above 2 pictures are the ones I took for his "4 month" slot on the monthly picture frame I bought.  I can't decide between the two.  Let me know which one YOU think I should put in his 4 month slot.  I would greatly appreciate the votes!
At his 4 month doctor visit this week he once again was doing great!  He is in the 50% for weight at 15lb 80z, 50% for head circumference, and 50% for height at 25 3/4inches (side note-Mike and I were worried at his 2 month because he had only grown less than an inch and was in the 30%, so we have been measuring him with a tape measure this past month because we both admitted we were scared he wasn't growing-needless to say, we were wrong and the tape measure can go back down to the tool bench!).  He is progressing perfectly on his developmental chart as well.  The only thing he hasn't done yet is roll over front to back.  He has rolled over back to front several times, and the other is something he will start doing, or could not come until 6 months.  Either way, he is doing fabulous!  Also happy to report that another Baby (yet to be born) will also be going to the same doctor as Joe and that is so exciting!  Can't wait to see Baby Rund in the office! 

Guess who had his first feeding????  Yep...that is what the bowl looked like at the end of the feeding.  I can't even tell you how cute this was and Joe absolutely loved every bite...well maybe not the first two bites.  However, he got on a roll and really started digging in.  I will let the pictures tell the story.
Getting in the Bumbo ready to start!

Here we go!!!

Uh...what the heck is this?

This could be good


More please!

Yummy Yummy

Oh yeah, this ROCKS!

Are we done?

And, I am DONE!!!!

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