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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chuckle Chuckle

This past week has been sort of a jumble of events.  I think each of these events are important, but as a friend of mine would say, "Eg or Eh" and think maybe not so be the judge;)
     The first event was the did I not know about this as I spent hours upon hours registering?  Wait, I know, because you never know what to register for, and a baby registry is the hardest type of registry there is...I mean what does a baby need???  However, as I navigated my way through Babies R Us and Pottery Bran Kids, I never even heard the word "Bumbo" muttered.  Oh well, i heard a lot about it after Joe came and I think it's pretty (as the same friend would say) "topnotch"! The Bumbo for those who don't know, helps your baby sit up.  Now, you can only use the Bumbo if your baby can hold his head up.  (You may laugh at this next part if you are a mother who knows more than me)  I wasn't quite sure if Joe could hold his head up or not.  Ok, let em explain that statement.  In my defense, my child HATES tummy time, and I thought holding head up meant in relation to tummy time I was a little nervous about putting him in the Bumbo.  Needless to say, all the times he is looking around in my arms etc....he is holding his head up, so we were safe!  Here's my cutie pie in his Bumbo.  Ha Ha Ha!!!  Chuckle Chuckle

Also, just a small shout out to Rick and Val for giving me the thumbs up on the Bumbo and Kangaroo Kids ( a resale shop in Glendale) for selling gently used Bumbos and saving me about 15dollars!!
     Since I am on the topic of introductions the next event was the introduction of the Musical two in 1 jumper is a link.
     Again, not so sure if he should be in the Jumper yet, but I took some more advice (from Val) and put a pillow under him so he could stand.  The first time I put him in it he hated it.  Then today, he realized how fun it was and has been in it twice.  I think the pictures say it all.   Heee Heee!!  Chuckle Chuckle!!

     Chuckle, Chuckle, how does this title fit in???  Well, my BIG guys started full on LAUGHING this week.  The past two weeks or so he gave us small snippets and minor previews of what was to come, but this week, full on CHUCKLES!!!!  I mean belly laughs!!!  His favorite two things that get him to laugh are the ever popular Raspberries.  If you ever need a lesson or two in giving a good raspberry, just give me a holler.  Also, Mike leans in really quick and gives him kisses on his neck (let's be serious though, you can't find my kid's neck even if you had a magnifying glass), or neck area and he thinks it is hysterical.  So chuckle, chuckle and next time you laugh, remember there is a new baby boy in this world who has now joined you!  And with parents such as myself and Mike, this kid will be laughing his whole life!!! 

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