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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Here fishy fishy fishy=)/Mean Mommy=(

He's a fish!!  No, at his 10 week mark Joey didn't turn in to a marine animal, but he did take his first swim.  I was counting on the fact that he would scream and cry since bath times can be a bit iffy, but he was GREAT!!  I then felt relieved because Mike and I both love the water, and are both certified scuba divers, so we can't wait to get Joey in to swim lessons, the ocean, scuba diving, and snorkeling.  My little guy swirled around the water (with Daddy's help) and was all smiles.  I think I was most excited about how darn cute he was in his trunks and pirate hat.  I know there are a ton of pictures, but I just couldn't narrow them down to just a few! 

At the doctor last week I explained how we were having great success with a bedtime routine and getting Joey down for his bedtime.  I also then explained that mornings and afternoons were still a problem.  I am especially having problems in the morning.  I took my doctor's advice this week and began letting Joey cry when he goes down for naps.  The theory is if he goes down at the same time every day, he will get used to it and stop crying.  I notice Joey gets very sleepy around 9-10am.  This week marked my (as I call it) Mean Mommy stage.  Yep, I am officially beginning the Ferber method and letting him cry (in fact, he is crying on the monitor while I am typing this).  This has really made me lose my mind on many occasions.  Hopefully this week it goes better.  Stay tuned.........................

Question of the week:
Should I expect a growth spurt every 3 weeks???

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